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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What's In The Closet?

The quest to sort out and declutter every corner of my house has reached the stage where what I perceived as the last 20% is taking 80% of the time.

Yesterday I worked in the closet in the back room and found "Bluebird's Morning Song", a calendar picture by Adelaide Hiebel.

Adelaide was popular in the 1930s, so I'm assuming one of my paternal aunts cut this picture off the calendar and framed it.

If you're interested, there is more art work by Adelaide Hiebel here.

Of course I couldn't resist taking off the back to see if there were any treasures in the old frame. The only padding was a picture of a young woman. The name scrawled on the back is Brit Mornsore, best I can decipher.

Does anybody else have a stash of jeans that are too small to wear?


Carrie said...

I think this is the picture that I had in my bedroom at 212 N. Eagle Street? Very glad it's now possible to leave comments! A good change!

www.enchantedwheel.blogspot.com said...

I (5'11") have about a doz. pair of size 10 and 12 long 36" inseam jeans some bellbottoms that I just can't give up but know I'll never get back into unless I get sick or something. That's my excuse! Loved the pic of Brit!

Missouristar said...

LOL! Love the stack of jeans. I'm not nearly as optimistic as you are. When things don't fit anymore it goes off to the thrift store, unless it's something I truly love. Then it gets a reprieve for at least a little while. I applaud your decluttering project. We've been slowly doing the same thing and it's very liberating - though tedious!

Sandy W said...

I have to get back to decluttering also. I've given my old jeans to a woman in Green Bay that weaves rugs with them. I have a couple of her rugs that work great for our back door area. They wear so nicely and can just be thrown in the washer when they've collected too much dirt! If you have a farmer's market in your area, you might find someone that weaves rugs if you decide to part with your jeans. I've pretty much given up on trying to fit into them someday.

Anonymous said...

The "Bluebird" picture makes me think of you! I can imagine you as a little girl doing the same thing as you still enjoy seeing all of your beautiful birds.

Every now and then I get the mood to declutter but after awhile, it becomes too tedious (lol). Good luck to you!

Kathy... said...

This picture also reminds me of one that hung in my childhood room. If not the same, I bet it's by the same artist. Hmmm....

Do you know who the lady in the photograph is?

As for blogger spell check, I have one. My spell check is the last icon on the edit bar - all the way to the right hand side. If you click it, it highlights spelling errors. Blogger had changed quite a bit since I had posted last time, so took me awhile of discovery the other day.....but I kind of like the improvements.

And, yes...I have a huge pile of like jeans....and some high hopes that someday they may fit. LOL!!!

take care - k

kathy b said...

Unfortunately I'm in the jeans stash club with you

steelwool said...

I have been making grocery bags with them. Cut off/open the crotch area and seam up both ways to make a sack. Add handles, straps, or put clothesline through the belt loops. Says having to buy grocery bags that have a logo and the lifespan of a squash.