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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Overheating On The 4th of July

Happy 4th of July to all my US readers.

It's 98 degrees here with a "real feel" of 104. Tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter. I've lost count of how many days in a row have been over 90 degrees, but it's too many.

We haven't had rain in weeks, the grass is brown, and even the weeds have stopped growing.

Since I live in a wetland in the woods, there has never been much use for an air conditioner. The dogs and I are hanging out in the NE bedroom with a fan blowing on us.

When the dogs need to go outside, I wet them down with the hose. Neither dog is fond of water, but they do appreciate the cooler feeling after the shower is over. It's time to do that now. . . .

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Missouristar said...

I've been watching the news and feeling for everyone back east. We've had one of the coldest and wettest Junes on record. But our cool streak is ending and it's supposed to get up to (gasp!) 86 in Seattle this weekend. Being on an island we'll probably be about 10 degrees cooler, but we'll still whine about the "heat". Well, maybe not this time!