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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Thinking Winter

Lori Moore, the morning host on WKZO Radio, is keeping track of our hottest SW Michigan summer in recorded history.

The tally as of yesterday's 90+ day:

19 Days 85-89
22 Days in the 90's
05 Days 100+

Today will be another 90+ day. The weather radar showed rain passing over, but it never made it to the ground.

It's difficult to remember that there is such a season as winter. Fortunately, I have pictures to jog my memory.

When cooler weather returns, I'll be ready to donate some hats. Three more are done, for a total of four.

Basic hat knit on 90 stitches with three strands of leftover sock yarn and #8 needles.


Missouristar said...

We haven't had enough summer here to wish for winter yet, but give us a week with temps above 80 and we'll be doing some serious whining. Between you and Kathy, you're going to keep a bunch of little hands and heads warm this winter.

Julia, in Virginia said...

Thanks for posting your leftover socks yarn hat pattern. I have a box full of leftovers and this is a great way to use them up quickly!
I feel cooler just looking at your winter pictures.

Judy S. said...

Great hats! Love the way they are so colorful. Our n'bor told us the other day that we've had 27 minutes above 83 so far this summer. Sure is weird how one part of this country can be roasting while the other isn't. Glad to hear you had some rain. It seemed to have bypassed our IL daughter's place.