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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It Rained

What a wonderful feeling to have raindrops coming down out of the sky after two months without.

Living in a wetland, which is a nice way of saying I live in a swamp, there is still plenty of green. Plants with deep roots were stressed but didn't lose their color.

Some of the deciduous trees dropped leaves so it was starting to look like autumn around here. Except the leaves on the ground aren't autumn hued, they are shriveled up and brown.

This poor shrub used to be a beautiful bluish green color. Obviously, it doesn't have deep roots and/or it couldn't take the heat. The plants in the tier above it are normally four feet tall by now and getting ready to bloom. What shows as green in that tier is mostly weeds.

It looks like it may rain some more this afternoon. Since the dogs are at the groomer this afternoon, that makes sense. It always rains, sleets, or snows on the day they get their bath. A dog bath is a more reliable option for creating mud than washing the car. At least it is at my house.

That's not a complaint. Today the rain can do no wrong.


Susan Wike said...

I'm not complaining about the rain at my house here in Ohio either! And I'd better not hear any complaining from my dog either! :-)

Kathy... said...

Congratulations on your rain! We have some in our forecast for this evening, and I so hope they are correct. We are just crispy here. The trees are suffering, along with everything else. That squirrel that has taken up residence in my hanging basket is now stepping into my flower beds when I water them in the evening. So...he's getting cool showers each evening. He's a pest, but actually kind of smart. We have a truce currently. The "games" can resume after the heat wave. Take care - k