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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Miss Manners, Where Are You?

Vern's goat eating through the fence

Our neighbor's goat wishes he lived at our house. I don't know why. In this picture he is eating our weeds through the fence.

Our big dog Glory hates it when Mr. Goat comes near our property.

Mr. Goat doesn't care what Glory thinks. He will even stand on his hind legs and drape his upper body over the fence to see if he can make Glory bark.

We're trying to teach Glory good manners. She is not allowed to bark at the goat - and she doesn't when we're close enough to scold her. But when she thinks we're not listening, Glory tells Mr. Goat just what she thinks of him.

This is the same goat who caused the big fight last month. He has a big yard. We really wish he would stay in the other side of it.

Now that I've repeatedly called him Mr. Goat, I have to admit I could have been fooled by the goatee. She could be Miss Goat.

Yes, I do know how to tell the difference. I just haven't looked in the right place yet.

Sydney eating pasta with her hands

Granddaughter Sydney is learning to enjoy adult food.

She is also learning how to feed herself. She's got the hang of it as long as she doesn't have to use a utensil.

Only two more weeks and I'm headed back to Idaho to give her a big hug and kiss.

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