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Thursday, January 31, 2008

February Elann Sample Skeins

After being extremely pleased* with two sweater projects knit in Elann Peruvian Highland Wool (FLAK and Peerie Brocade), one of my knitting resolutions for 2008 is to try more of the Elann yarns.

In January I signed up for Elann's Sample Skeins. Each Tuesday Elann features a new closeout or special purchase yarn. Each month a Sample Skein subscriber gets a package containing a 10 yard sample skein for each Tuesday and corresponding color snips.

The cost is $52, a dollar a week, all credited back at the rate of $2.50 for each $25.00 spent. No time limit on the rebate.

Yesterday the February package arrived. This is what it contained:

4 - 10 Yard Sample Skeins (on left)
  • Superwash Wool Worsted.
    It feels more "wooly" than Knitpicks Swish. I'm looking forward to knitting up the little skein and seeing how it handles the wash. No superwash projects in mind now.

  • Superwash Bamboo Worsted.
    65% superwash wool, 35% bamboo. Interesting yarn with a sheen. I never would have considered bamboo for a project until seeing this yarn. I need to read about Bamboo in the Book of Yarn. Does it act like silk?

  • Esprit Sport Weight.
    Sport weight cotton with 1.7% elastic. I don't think I like this yarn, but I'm going to knit up the little skein and see what happens.

  • Peruvian Pure Alpaca Worsted.
    Yep, the little alpaca skein is missing. It jumped right on my needles and is now the swatch at center bottom of the picture.

    Knitting it created serious yarn lust. There will be a sweater! I have until February 26 to decide on a color.

    The sample skein swatch measures 5 x 2 inches knit on #5 needles in sand stitch.

Color snips of all four yarns (center top)
  • There are snips on both sides of the card. The side with the Esprit and alpaca snips is facing up.

Color flyer for all four yarns with release dates, prices, and how to order.
This is the same flyer that comes via email for those on the Elann mailing list.

This is going to be such fun!

Meanwhile I've been notified that my Cascade 220 has been shipped and is due to arrive next Monday. I think I'll knit one more CIC sweater.

* Why am I extremely pleased with Peruvian Highland Wool?
  • Gets softer after each washing
  • Holds shape well
  • Almost no pilling
  • Great stitch definition
  • Mind boggling color selection of attractive oolors

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