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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Windy Wednesday

Imagine a blizzard without much snow accumulation and that's our weather today.

When I went to bed last night the temperature was above freezing and it was pouring rain. During the night a very cold wind blew in single digit temperatures (without considering wind chill) and snow. The temperature dropped over 30 degrees during the night.

Today there have been constant winds about 30 MPH, drifting snow, awful road conditions, and wind chills of below zero. Right now, about 3 pm, we're hitting our high for the day of 10 degrees.

Thanks to everyone who has mentioned they enjoy seeing the bird pictures. Isn't it amazing that those little things can survive in weather like this?

This male Downy Woodpecker is enjoying some peanuts.

The bag gets totally soggy when it rains. A decent, wire peanut feeder is on my list of things to buy on my next trip to Oak Ridge Feed in Oshtemo.

We're "the South" for the Slate-Colored Junco.

These little sparrow size birds arrive in SW Michigan in the late fall from their nesting territory in Northern Michigan and Canada. I always notice when they arrive. It's a sure sign winter is about to settle in soon.

After spending the winter here, they head back north in late April, early May.

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