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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Oops! and Still Snowing

First, the link correction . . .

Son John was nice enough to let me know yesterday's link to Alwen's amusing post The Skinny Person's Guide to Staying Warm didn't work.

Sorry. It's been corrected and tested. Yesterday's link works now, and so does this one: The Skinny Person's Guide to Staying Warm, as well as the one in the previous paragraph.

Note to self: Take a minute to test the links you insert in your posts.

No new snow overnight, but this afternoon the heavens are dumping white stuff again.

The forecast, rarely accurate, is for 2 to 4 new inches today, 3 to 5 new inches tonight, and 1 to 3 new inches tomorrow. Lows in the single digits.

Some bird experts say that feeding the birds doesn't help them survive the winter.

Common sense would argue with that theory. (Feel free to disagree. I'd love to hear your reasoning.)

We feed hundreds of pounds of seed and suet during the severe winter weather. So do most of the neighbors. Where are the birds going to find that much food when the world is snow covered and frozen? And so much of the natural areas have been bulldozed and developed?

Yes, there is a little more exposure to disease and window collisions. Still, I believe the benefit to the bird population greatly exceeds the slight risk.

The picture shows a Chickadee on the left and a Redpoll on the right. We have dozens of both chowing down at the feeders today.

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