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Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday Morning Babble with Digression on Gas

It's Monday morning.

When I woke up at 7:45 it was dark and all the dogs were still sleeping. Getting up so late meant that the first dog walk would need to be done immediately - without coffee. Sure enough, the minute I stirred all three dogs went into their "I gotta go out now!" routine. So I threw on some warm clothing and off we went.

The sky was solid with dark snow clouds. The dogs were happy with a short trip around the back field, and back into the warm house we went. Before I could finish my coffee, it was snowing. It's still snowing.

It's not a pretty snow with big lacy snowflakes floating down to make the earth look pure and white. The wind is blowing an ugly, slightly dingy, fine snow sideways through the air.

I just ate some oatmeal and am now trying to gather enough energy to go get groceries. It could wait, but after looking at the weather forecast for more of the same, there isn't much point in waiting. It will feel better to just get it done.

Dang! I just remembered I need to stop and pump gas.

Digression to Procrastinate Leaving the House
I remember driving in the 60's. Gas was cheap. But even better than that, I could pull into my favorite gas station, roll down the window and tell a cute guy to "Fill it up, please." I got to roll the window back up, sit in the warm car and watch.

Cute guy checked my oil, put a quart in if needed, and washed my windshield and back window. He would check and replenish the air in my tires if I asked.

He took my money into the cash register and brought back my change. Does this sound like a fairy tale? It's all true. That was standard gas station operating procedure back in the 60s. Most of the pump jockeys were easy to behold. I had my favorites.

Now all drivers, including little old ladies like myself, have to pump their own gas. Even in the cold wind, snow, sleet, and whatever. Oil and air? All for us to figure out. Worst of all, no cute guy to wash the windshield, peek in and smile.

The station where I usually pump gas has this sign duct taped to all the pumps.

I'm afraid to ask what the plan is to damage the nonpaying customer's car. And how do you suppose they plan to catch it?

Whatever it means, it has my attention. I ALWAYS pay for my gas before pumping.

In case you can't read the sign, this is what it says:
Please Pay First

If You Press key "PAY INSIDE", come inside the store and Pay inside, else you will be taken as Drive off.

For Drive Off, Store is not responsible for the Damage to your Vehicle.
I'm guessing the guy they send after a Drive Off isn't cute.

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