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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Let's Generate Some Blog Comments

February is the shortest month but always feels like the longest month, the last month of serious winter in SW Michigan. (March is lingering winter, and April is spring even when it's snowing.) So how about some February fun?

Everybody loves to get comments on their blog, Let's generate some blog comments.

If you comment on this post I'll click on over to admire your blog and leave you a comment in return. Be sure and leave your blog address in the area for "URL:".

Since most of you come here for the knitting and/or the dogs and/or SW Michigan nature pictures, I'll post one of each for your commenting consideration. Or say and/or ask any family friendly thing you like.

Dorothy and I and anyone else who wants to join us are planning to knit this sweater starting late April. It's the Set-in Sleeve Aran in Janet's Szabo's book Aran Sweater Design.

I'm not clever at naming knits, but certainly this sweater needs a better name.

Any suggestions?

My friend gave me this beautiful Opal sock yarn for my birthday and Pappy has adopted it as his daytime winter pillow. At night he sleeps on the wall side of my pillow.

When he turns the other way, he can watch the birds at the feeders while he dozes on Opal.

I could put the yarn away, but he would miss it. Yes, he's a slightly spoiled dog.

Do your furbabies like yarn?

Since you probably don't want to hear about the foot of new snow we got last night, here is a colorful picture from last July.

I have a large patch of milkweed in the yard that used to be hidden behind the dozen tall pine trees the county cut down in ten minutes last summer. Now that the milkweed bed is visible from the road, it should be mowed as part of the lawn.

Even though the milkweed look ratty for most of the year, I like them. The smell when they bloom permeates the whole yard. Will I mow them? I'm thinking not.

Are there weeds in your yard that you consider beautiful in their own way?

A couple other questions to consider:
  • What are your thoughts on Ravelry?

  • Have you read any good books lately?

    I've been reading and enjoying the Doc Ford series by Randy Wayne White and the Gail Conner mysteries by Barbara Parker.

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