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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday Bird Babble

It's January in Michigan, 11 F/-12 C at 11 am. There's a bone chilling wind blowing. Wind chill is -3 F/-13 C. No sun and it's lightly snowing with occasional heavy snow.

Dog walks are very short. Even Pappy with his endless fur knows that his feet are freezing and he just wants to get his business done and get back into the heated, giant dog house where he lives with his people.

Peggy asked if that is an old mesh laundry bag we are using for a feeder.

It's a Kaytee Finch Station I bought last week at my bird supply store.

This is the ad picture, not mine.

The green top screws open for easy filling. Just pour the seed in and it falls down into the sock. The dome holds extra seed which continues to fill the sock as the birds eat.

Back to my pictures.

The thistle seed eating birds, mostly gold finches and redpolls at my house, like to cling on the mesh sock. There's plenty of room for over a dozen birds at a time.

I think, but have no way to know for sure, the birds enjoy hanging on the mesh much more than they enjoy the hard, solid plastic tube thistle feeders.

The holes in the feeder bag are way smaller than laundry bag holes.

Thistle/niger seed is very small. It would fall right out of a laundry bag.

But Peggy has the right idea. On the other side of the house I am using an old laundry bag to hang suet out. It's perfect.

Alwen asked . . . Aren't the redpolls pretty though!

Not a real question. There's no question mark and we all know the answer.

But, it is a good excuse to post another redpoll picture.

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