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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

CIC Tally for 2004

Two vests for CIC, a green Cloverleaf Lace pattern and a blue Making Waves patternThis is the time of year when knitters on the Knitlist are posting lists of everything they've knit in 2004. Since I don't read the lists because I find them very boring, I hesitated to publish a list of my own - but only for a moment.

I'm not going to go back and count all the items I've knit this year, but I do keep track of my CIC knitting.

My goal for 2004 was a pair of CIC socks a month. Met! Total sock pairs sent to CIC this year is 16.

Another goal was to knit more CIC vests. After the first few they got very boring so I looked for ways to make them more interesting.

When I joined the Six Sock Knitalong, I challenged myself to use each pattern in a toddler vest for CIC. That has been fun. In this picture the green vest incorporates the Cloverleaf Lace pattern from the June/July knitalong. The blue vest uses the Making Waves pattern from the August/September knitalong.

The December/January knitalong pattern is a beaded sock. It will be a bit of a challenge to make a corresponding vest, but I have a few ideas. That vest will be number one done in 2005.

I knit and sent 9 vests to CIC in 2004.

At the end of my CIC list stands one lonely caregiver shawl knit using the Candle Flame Shawl pattern.

I share my list of CIC knitting in the hopes of inspiring myself and others to match it for 2005.

Here is a partial list of free sock patterns for children available on the internet, including my own Mini Basketweave Toddle Sock Pattern. Quick, easy take-along knitting projects to warm the feet of cold little orphans. How can you top that?

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