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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Carol's Old Shale Two Yarn Sock

I know there are a few sock knitters out there who are knitting the Old Shale Two Yarn Sock Pattern. Today I was thrilled to see a picture of one of the resulting socks.

I'm sure it's very unsophisticated to be thrilled at this, but I am. It's my very first adult sock pattern and I'm loving it that knitters are finding it a fun pattern to knit.

Carol Breitner sent a message to the Socknitter's group:

"Hi, I knit the beautiful Old Shale sock. Yes, "sock." The second sock is partially done though! Marguerite so generously posted this pattern on her blog Stitches of Violet."

"I changed the heel and toe to garter stitch. I really enjoyed working on this pattern. I used yarn that somebody once gave me ("Can you do anything with one 50g ball of sock yarn?" Marguerite's answer is emphatically YES)"

Carol Breitner's Old Shale Two Yarn SockNeedless to say, I could hardly get to get to Carol's Picturetrail album fast enough to see how the sock looked.

WOW! The garter stitch heel and toe compliment the lace cuff just perfectly. A very artistic variation on the original pattern.

Carol says the garter stitch heel is cushioned and comfy. It looks it.

While I was browsing around Carol's Picturetrail album I admired the tiny little sock earrings. She sells the pattern online and I've seen it at several yarn retailers.

Take a look. They're really cute.

If anyone else completes an Old Shale Two Yarn sock, I'd love to see it and post a picture. e-mail Me.

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Marsha said...

Her's as well as yours are beautiful!! I'm putting them on my list of socks I want to knit. But first I want to start my purple Opal Magic socks. That little skein of yarn has been waiting patiently for me to knit it into something nice.

I just started my own knitting blog. Not much there yet, but please stop by sometime. http://mystitchesintime.blogspot.com