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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Very Simple Barbie Wrap

Barbie in her red Glitterspun shawl wrapGranddaughter Kimmy just happened to get a strapless Barbie dress that exactly matched some Lion Brand Glitterspun yarn in my stash.

Grandma cast on 11 stitches and knit a very simple but beautiful wrap in seed stitch.

The yarn label called for size 7 needles, so I used size 9 to make sure the resulting fabric would drape well.

The resulting wrap is 2.5 inches wide and 11 inches long.

Glitterspun is a ribbon yarn with glitter, as the name implies. The glitter doesn't show up well in the photo.

I know this is a poor excuse for a knitting project, but it was quick and fun and just the thing for three days before Christmas. Kimmy is going to love it and Barbie really needs it.

Even though I'm going to see Kimmy on Friday night, I'm going to mail it to her tomorrow. She likes to get mail. It's part of the fun and it will make it much more special than if it is mixed in with her Christmas gifts.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you again for the Barbie clothes you made for me when I was little. I was very proud of them and showed them off to all my friends!