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Monday, December 27, 2004

Circulars vs Double Points

Someone left a nice comment about the Old Shale Two Yarn Sock Pattern and then asked "Can I use dpns with this pattern instead of 2 circs?"

There is nothing you can do on two circulars that can't be done on double points.

The Old Shale lace cuff is four repeats of 16 stitches, so I recommend using 5 double points with 16 stitches per needle to allow for easy stitch counting.

Even as an experienced Old Shale knitter, I count my stitches after working each 16 and also just before knitting the next pattern row. I hate ripping out lace and find the obsessive counting saves time in the long run. That's especially true for this pattern which has a yarn over at the beginning of the 16 stitch repeat.

Anyone with a basic understanding of instep stitches and heel side stitches won't have any trouble knitting this pattern on double points instead of circulars.

The gusset pickup part of the pattern is intentionally vague about needle usage. I always pick up the gusset stitches with double points and keep the heel side stitches on two double points until the gusset decreases are completed.

Sunny sitting in my kitchen knitting chairMy reason for knitting socks on two circulars has nothing to do with the knitting process.

Three years ago we got a little puppy. Sunny would sneak up and jump into my lap while I was knitting and I was afraid she would poke her eye on the double points.

The circulars dangle and are much less dangerous. I don't claim any other benefit of using circulars over double points.

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