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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Knitting Related Gifts

Two skeins of Opal Magic, a little dog, and a Sock Journal We agreed to have a frugal Christmas this year. I could tell all the gifts were thoughtfully selected with love. That makes them so special.

These are my knitting related gifts plus a little bobblehead dog from Kimmy. He is just the cutest thing with a hybrid of markings that resemble both of my little dogs.

John and Anne sent Opal yarn from Idaho. Both skeins are from the Magic collection.

I love Opal Magic. I've knit yellow Opal Magic socks for Heather, green Opal Magic socks for Mom, and purple Opal Magic socks for myself. Now I have blue and brown to work with. I'm looking forward to it.

I love all Opal sock yarn. I've told my family they can't go wrong giving me any skein of Opal that catches their eye.

Mom ordered the Sock Journal from my Amazon wish list. When it came, she was concerned because it was so thin. Nothing to be concerned about. It has twelve sock patterns, one for each month of the year, technical advice, and plenty of places to keep notes.

There are several of the patterns I want to knit. First will be the February socks with the lace hearts.


Anonymous said...

I love looking at your projects and your blog. I don't usually leave comments, but you should know alot of us appreciate your sharing. Annie

Anonymous said...

I love looking at the lovely pictures of your knitting projects and reading all about them. Thanks for sharing!