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Friday, March 09, 2007

Three Reasons for Smiling

Glory walking on top of the iceReason Number One - Spring is in the air, even if it hardly shows yet.

When we went out early this morning, the glacier that has formed over our corner of SW Michigan was frozen so solid that even sixty-five pound Glory could walk on the surface without breaking through.

Check out that blue sky! The forecast is for warming, not just today but for the whole next week!

Late afternoon now and the temperature is a balmy 46 F/8 C. The top layer of the glacier has turned to mushy slush and Michiganders are throwing their jackets aside to enjoy the heatwave.

Hairy Woodpecker at suet feederThe birds have gone bonkers. Mating calls everywhere.

I saw a male bluebird sitting on a nest box and wished I had my camera. All in good time. I'll try to be patient.

The woodpeckers are especially loud as they drum out their mating cadence on the trees.

In a few months this Hairy Woodpecker will be bringing her fledglings to learn about suet feeders.

Emerald City sock yarn by Lisa SouzaReason Number Two - New sock yarn has arrived.

This is my first Lisa Souza sock yarn and I'm looking forward to trying it on the needles.

The color is "Emerald City", chosen because I need some emerald green socks. Therefore I was a little disappointed that this yarn doesn't live up to its name.

Once I get over that it's not green, I think I'm going to love it. Plus, now I can have more shopping fun looking for real emerald green yarn.

Opal Rainbow and Opal Smoke sock yarnOpal from FunKnits in Canada - cheaper than in the US plus they have Opal collections not available in this country.

On the left is "Rainbow", a many colored yarn with medium length color repeats. I'll reserve judgment on its beauty until I see how it knits up.

The skein on the right is the only non-blue color of the Smoke collection advertised as "Finally an all men's collection". Forget that. The Smoke colors may all be macho enough for men's socks, but the women are going to love them as well.

Reason Number Three - I've received shipping notices on the four Japanese knitting books .

They should be here early next week.

Did you see Grumperina's Mountainash Shawl?

The pattern is in the New Style of Heirloom Knitting, the same Japanese knitting book as the acorn/oak leave sweater I want to attempt.

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