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Monday, March 05, 2007

Japanese Knitting Books

Cover of Japanese lace bookIf you think this sweater is beautiful, as I do, don't miss Fleegle's post comparing US Lace Style to Japanese Lace Style.

There are more pictures of gorgeous Japanese lace sweaters in her blog post.

This one looks like fingering weight yarn knit about 7-8 stitches/inch. Ever since I first saw it, I've been wondering how long it would take to knit such a beauty and what yarn I would use.

Added March 6: This book costs $12.99 and the YesAsia link is here. Thanks to Dorothy and Laurie who found the link for us.

Front of Japanese knitting stitch bookI have been enjoying the beautiful eye candy in my one and only Japanese stitch pattern book for several weeks now. (More details on the book here, including how to order - but don't order until you've read this whole post.)

Since buying this book from Amazon Japan (links in this post) I've discovered YesAsia which also carries this book. Most of YesAsia website is English. Prices are in dollars and shipping is free if you order more than $25.

The YesAsia link for this book is here.

I have the following four Japanese goodies on order from Yes Asia. They are scheduled to arrive in a few weeks.

Japanese knitting book with Acorn sweaterWhen I saw a swatch from the cover sweater on the Crossed in Translation blog, I knew I had to have this book. It has beautifully detailed acorns and oak leaves.

Book Title : nitsuto ni koishite shimada toshiyuki no se ta butsuku dentou nitsuto no atarashii densetsu
Author Name(s) : shimada toshiyuki
Language : Japanese
Publisher / ISBN : 4529039927
Release Date : October 19, 2004
YesAsia Catalog No. : 1003858802
Price : $18.49
Link to buy book : here

Japanese 300 knitting bookPay shipping? Or add another book to my order?

This one looked too good to pass up, so on the order it went.

Book Title : boubariami pata n butsuku 300 boubari ami
Language : Japanese
Publisher / ISBN : 4529041727
Release Date : October 19, 2005
YesAsia Catalog No. : 1004072970
Price : $25.75
Link to buy book : here

Book of Japanese knitting symbolsTwo days after placing the previous order, I found this book mentioned on Fluffbuff.

On the cover it says "Clear and Simple Knitting Symbols" in English! I fear that English subtitle may be the only English in the whole book. Still, it looks like it has good pictures of how the symbols are worked and for $11 I couldn't resist.

This is a "have to have as soon as possible" book, so I ordered it immediately.

Book Title : yoku wakaru amime kigou bukku boubari ami 120 vo gu kiso shiri zu
Language : Japanese
Publisher / ISBN : 452902413X
Release Date : January 1, 1994
YesAsia Catalog No. : 1004200181
Price : $11.49
Link to buy book : here

Japanese 500And, to fill out the order and get free shipping, I ordered this.

Book Title : moyouhen 500 boubariami moyoubetsu ketteiban
Language : Japanese
Publisher / ISBN : 4529015882
Release Date : December 6, 1989
YesAsia Catalog No. : 1004189884
Price : $25.49
Link to buy book : here

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