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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Resources for Japanese Knitting


  • Book Title : yoku wakaru amime kigou bukku boubari ami 120 vo gu kiso shiri zu
    Language : Japanese
    Publisher / ISBN : 452902413X
    Release Date : January 1, 1994
    YesAsia Catalog No. : 1004200181
    Price : $11.49
    Link to buy book at YesAsia: here

    Book of Japanese knitting symbols On the cover it says "Clear and Simple Knitting Symbols" in English! I fear that English subtitle may be the only English in the whole book. Still, it looks like it has good pictures of how the symbols are worked and for $11 it is worth owning.

    Fluffbuff has a book review showing some of the inside pages here.

  • According to Fleegle's blog post, "if you purchase this book (WhiteSweaters), you can compare English and Japanese pattern setups and you should have a minimum of trouble figuring out how Japanese patterns in other books are presented."

    Cover of White Sweaters, the Japanese Rosetta StoneShe sold me. I have it on order. Click here to read Fleegle's review, see some inside pages, and get links to where to buy.

Online Shopping for Japanese Knitting Books

YesAsia My favorite. Lots of English and they work in dollars. Shipping is free over $25. Delivery dates are slow, typically about a month.

Amazon Japan Works like the English Amazon, but it's mostly in Japanese, even after you click the "English" button. No dollars are mentioned. Google will help you convert yen to dollars so you know how much you're spending. Delivery is quick if the book is in stock.

List last updated on March 7, 2007.

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