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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Blogiversary Questions - That I Can't Answer

Thanks again to every one who left a blogiversary question last October. I've finally reached the end.

These last four questions have me stumped, but I'll babble on with a half-assed answers anyway.

If I've missed your question, it wasn't intentional. I love answering questions, so just let me know what you'd like to know.

Debbie B asked . . .
Did you ever figure out what sort of fish that was?

Big fish in stream picture from last OctoberThe fish post is here.

Reader DJ suggested it was probably Coho Salmon or Chinook Salmon, but no definitive answer was given.

There have been some beautiful large trout wintering in the stream. But my fish identification skills are poor, so they could be salmon.

Crazy for Yarn in Alabama who blogs at Yarn Collectors Anonymous
asked . . .
Your nature walks are so incredible for me!! They are so refreshing to be able to see the nature and beauty all around you....what is the wildest/craziest thing you have ever seen while on your walks?

A large snapping turtle came out of the pond, grabbed an apple from under the apple tree, and took it back into the pond. Then, he swam around underneath the floating apple and bit chunks out of it.

I was so sorry I didn't have my camera to record that.

Susan who blogs at Susinok asked . . .
I know this is an odd question but what do you make a niece and nephew that live in Atlanta, Georgia? Cotton cardigans? Knitted toys? I've never had small kids in the family before and now I have two. I have no idea what to knit for them.

Knitting is not the answer to everything.

Kids outgrow, ruin, and/or lose handknits quicker than the blink of an eye.

I would buy them a good kids book and knit myself a pair of socks.

Erica who blogs at erkadays asked . . .
Why is Opal sock yarn your favorite? What LYS do you frequent out in your area? Have you ever been to Gull Lake? If so, how is the Kellogg Bird Sanctuary fairing?

Kimmy feeding the geese at the Kellogg Bird Sanctuary three springs agoStarting with the last question first, in the 80s when I lived in Battle Creek I went to the Kellogg Bird Sanctuary frequently. Now I live about thirty miles west of it and there's no easy road to get there.

This picture of Granddaughter Kimmy feeding the geese was taken three years ago, the last time I was there.

I don't frequent a yarn store, although I occasionally stop in at Handweaver's Inspiring Yarn Shop in Oshtemo and cringe at the prices they need to charge. They are very nice there, but I'm mostly a solitary, online ordering type of knitter.

I'm not sure Opal is my favorite sock yarn. I'm stuck in an Opal rut and have a substantial Opal stash so I haven't tried many of the other brands that other sock knitters love.

The Opal collections and colors are attractive. Opal socks machine wash and dry, making it a great sock yarn for gift socks. Opal socks last forever.

On the down side, the last skein I knit (Gail's socks in previous post) had two knots, destroying the pattern. After the second knot, the pattern started back in reverse. As one who likes socks to match, this is traumatic and gets me thinking evil thoughts.

Surely the manufacturer knows when a skein has knots. I do think at $18 a skein, the knotted skeins should be sold as seconds. Better yet, not imported at all.

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