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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Winter, Woodpecker, and Hairstyles by John

Beautiful winter landscape from January 30In honor of the end of winter (maybe if I say that winter will take the hint and GO AWAY!), here is a picture I took January 30.

The end of winter. Glory looking wistfully our into the fieldToday in SW Michigan we are enjoying a fresh covering of white snow - about two inches last night.

At lunch time it's 24 F/-4 C, but the sky is blue and there are daffodils that want to bloom by the middle of April under all the frozen layers of slush/rain/ice/snow.

Daffodils are very strong minded. They will be demanding some thawing soon.

Downy woodpecker at suet feederSo far all the pictures I've taken with my new camera have been from inside the house, including this one of a female Downy Woodpecker at the suet feeder.

I'm looking forward to getting outdoors with it, but not until I can walk without fear of falling down.

Sydney with two hair clipsSon John is responsible for this great hairdo. He claims Sydney (almost 2) wanted two clips in her hair. so he gave them to her.

What else would a good dad to do when his sweet daughter wants something? He put the clips in and took a picture.

Grandma loves it!

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