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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Knitting Log for August 27

I've been following my guidelines for Knitting Peace:
  1. Have no more than two projects at a time, a weekday project and a weekend project.
  2. The weekend project will usually be CIC knitting, unless I've completed my CIC goals.
So far I like the result although there were a few times I had to remind myself about my new resolve to concentrate my knitting time on fewer projects.

Last weekend I knit the final pair of CIC socks for the sock challenge. They didn't get completely done, so I finished them up this morning and washed all six pair. I'll take a picture before I mail them out on Tuesday.

Back of Hanover Jacket After finishing the second More Fun Than Cables sock last week, I knit on the Hanover Jacket from Jean Frost Jackets in Knitpicks Elegance.

The back is done and the left side is two-thirds done. I figure that's approximately a third of the jacket, but then I always underestimate the amount of knitting in the sleeves.

It was a peaceful experience to sit down and know exactly what to pick up to knit.

Yesterday I had a minor spasm and ordered some medium lilac Blackberry Ridge lace weight silk blend for the Violets by the River Shawl.

I do have to think about the next project, you know. The true test of my guidelines will occur when that yarn arrives and I'm still knitting on Hanover. I'm preparing my will power now.

Sydney smiling and showing her first tooth I swiped this picture from Tah Tales, my son's blog.

Granddaughter Sydney's first two teeth came in with hardly a whimper from her, the smiling girl with the happy personality. I sure wish I could give her a hug.

Thanks again for all the concern about Sunny. She's acting happy and healthy and I've stopped worrying about her. When the antibiotics are gone in a little less than two weeks, she'll have another blood draw.

The ladies at doggy school, several who work in vet offices and have seen everything, think she may have had a low grade bladder infection that didn't show up in the urine. I like that theory.

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