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Friday, August 19, 2005

Sock Status

There have been some questions about the More Fun Than Cables Sock.

The pattern is written and I'm knitting the second sock using the pattern while noting clarifications and corrections. The cuff is almost done.

As stated in my Knitting Peace guidelines, tomorrow I'll be setting the More Fun Than Cables sock aside and knitting a pair of socks for CIC.

I'm so tempted to keep knitting until the More Fun sock is done and then knit the CIC socks. But really, what kind of plan for knitting peace is that if I break the guidelines before the first week is over?

Assuming life goes on as normal, the pattern should be posted sometime the second half of next week. It will appear as a blog post.

I'm so pleased that numerous knitters are waiting for the pattern and plan on knitting the socks. I'm looking forward to hearing about and hopefully seeing pictures of your More Fun Than Cables socks.

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