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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Up Up and Away

Two four leaf cloversWhen I found these lucky four leaf clovers in the middle of July, 2004, I expected something special to happen, and it sure did.

First I learned that son John and daughter-in-law Anne were coming to visit, their first trip to Michigan in six years. They live in Idaho.

The second clover's luck was extra special. I learned I was going to be Grandma in eight months.

Wednesday, August 3, 2005, granddaughter Kimmy and I are headed to Idaho to visit our four month old cousin/granddaughter Sydney and her parents, John and Anne.

We've been talking about taking a trip out west to see Uncle John and Aunt Anne for several years now. The time has come to actually do it and we're both excited.

This will be Kimmy's first plane trip and first time to see mountains. She has window seats on all four flights.

We live in SW Michigan. You can't get there from here without at least one connecting flight. We're flying Kalamazoo to Minneapolis to Spokane.

If you see a midsize rental car in eastern Washington or northern Idaho being driven by a gray haired grandma who looks lost, honk and wave.

Travel day to return is August 10, big long nap day is August 11, and things should be back to normal by August 12.

There will be some non-knitting related posts while we're gone if I can find a few spare minutes to sit at John's computer. But the granddaughters take priority over posting for the next eight days.

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