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Monday, August 29, 2005

CIC Socks for July, August Challenge

Six pair of handknit toddler socks for CICThe CIC sock challenge for July and August has resulted in a approximately 400 pairs of warm wool socks for the Eastern Europe orphans. My six pair are washed, packed, and ready to mail tomorrow, the day before the challenge mailing deadline.

Now I'm back on track for my 2005 goal of a pair a month. When the challenge started in July, I'd only knit two pairs of socks. These six pair are for March through August.

I'm administering a vest and sweater challenge for September and October. I have enough Lopi for at least five toddler sweaters, but I doubt I'll get that many done. Instead of a personal goal for the challenge, maybe I'll just see how many I can knit within my new knitting guidelines to knit for CIC on weekends.

It's always fun to knit the little sweaters and vests.

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