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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Introducing Pappy the Papillon

Cassie at Too Much Wool asked some interesting questions in her December 30 blog post.

You really need to read what she wrote in order to appreciate the beauty of her queries. To summarize:
Do we knit and/or blog because we think?
Or think and/or blog because we knit?
Or knit and/or think because we blog?

Today is the first day since starting Stitches of Violet that I don't have any knitting content to blog about. It's been on my mind (think! think!) all day. I almost sat down to knit something just so I would have a blog topic.

Pappy sleeping on his back with his tongue hanging outThis evening, I thought about other knitting bloggers. Surely they don't knit something blog worthy every day. So what do they blog about when that happens? (I'm going to have to pay more attention to this.)

Some of them blog pictures of their animals.

It just happens that I have three wonderful dogs. On December 27 you saw Sunny sitting in a chair. Tonight you get to see Pappy asleep next to me on the loveseat.

I sit on the loveseat to go online. My laptop sits on a writing board. There's room for my mouse and a few other little things. It's not uncommon for Pappy to snuggle up on one side of me and Sunny on the other.

I love it when that happens, because Bob will fetch things for me so the dogs don't have to be disturbed. Also because the little dogs are snuggly and wonderful, like stuffed animals come to life. Except you don't have to take stuffed animals out for walks to get them tired out before they will snuggle with you.

Tomorrow night I'll have some knit content to blog about. I think.


Anonymous said...

Your dogs are adorable! I have to tell you we have some friends who have a Paillon named "Sunny". My dog likes to snuggle too - only I sit in a recliner with about 5 inches on the side and he squeezes himself in there. Apparently he likes small spaces. And warmth - he usually has a piece of knitting or quilting draped over him.

Marguerite said...

Sunny likes to squeeze in the crack between mom and the chair arm. Pappy prefers a little more room.

When he's awake he likes to sit up on the back of the love seat and occasionally lick my neck - which tickles!

Paps are very affectionate, intelligent little dogs. They're a little delicate to have around kids, but great for us old folks.