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Thursday, January 06, 2005

CIC Vest Challenge Update - Week 1

The January 2005 CIC Vest Challenge is off to a great start with 37 vests and 2 sweaters mailed to Kathy.

Red CIC vest with cable front and backMy first vest for the challenge is done, washed and blocked. It's the basic What's In My Pocket Vest with no pocket. Instead it has a cable panel up the center of the front and back.

The vest was knit with Lopi on size 10.5 needles.

My second vest was finished and washed this morning. Picture coming as soon as it's dry enough to take one.

My goal for the challenge is four vests. Two down and two to go.

I was saving this red Lopi for a vest with hearts. I tried several heart stitch patterns and they all looked awful, so I frogged them.

According to Barbara Walker in A Second Treasury of Knitted Patterns
"The heart motif is not often seen in knitting patterns, for the good reason that knitting, by its very nature, makes it difficult to form a rounded top to a design. The upper curves of any heart-shaped pattern, therefore, are usually made in some rather awkward way, by working 4 or 5 stitches together, for instance."

I've seen pictures of garments with heart motifs that looked OK to me. Maybe they had been power blocked for the photo.

Anyone have a pretty cable or twist stitch heart motif that doesn't look awkward?

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