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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday Wings - Gold Finches

This is only the second winter I've fed thistle seed to the gold finches. They love it and we always have a group hanging on the feeder.

The goldfinches are tiny birds. In the fall they lose their gold color and turn winter olive drab.

If you are wondering about the feeder, click on over to last year's post about the Kaytee Finch Station . I give it an A+ and they're cheap.

This one bag model only cost nine dollars and came with an extra bag. There's a plastic hopper not showing in the picture. It stores some extra seed and holds the bag.

The gold finches also eat sunflower seeds with the larger birds.

The big bird is a female cardinal. The reddish bird is a house finch. The four other birds are gold finches in their winter coloration.

In the spring, the male gold finches turn (can you guess?) gold along with the daffodils.

This picture was taken last summer when the world was a brighter, sunnier place in so many ways.

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