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Friday, January 23, 2009

Lilac Scarf Finished

Mom's vest requires more attention than I wanted to give to my knitting on inauguration day. I needed something mindless and pleasurable for inaugural knitting. The first things that came to mind - Andean Treasure, scarf, and a knit/purl Barbara Walker reversible stitch pattern.

Knitpicks Andrean Treasure, 100% baby alpaca, caresses the hands as it slides on and off the needles. It's almost too soft to be practical, but it's perfect for next-to-the-skin scarves.

I dug down into my stash bin and found three skeins of Andean Treasure in Lilac. Guessing that was enough for a nice length scarf, I plucked it out and went to look for a stitch pattern.

Since I don't like the thought of a scarf flipping over to an unattractive "wrong side", I pulled out a Barbara Walker book to find a pretty, reversible knit/purl stitch pattern.

Imitation Lattice is found on page 34 of A Treasury Of Knitting Patterns (the blue book) by Barbara G. Walker.

It's a multiple of 12 +1, so I guessed 25 stitches in pattern with 5 stitches of seed stitch on each side to prevent curling would give a scarf somewhere around 7 inches wide.

Andean Treasure has a halo, so I was able to use #7 needles and still get a nice fabric even though it's a sport weight yarn. If I were using Andean Treasure for a sweater I would want a tighter fabric and use smaller needles.

One skein made 20 inches of scarf, so I ended up with a warm, soft, fuzzy, 60 inch scarf. It will be going to the orphanage for older children in Akkol, Kazakakhstan.

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