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Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Snow, New Buttons, New Yarn

New Snow.
It just doesn't end. It's been a week since we've had more than a foot at once, but we keep getting little "refresher" snow falls - one to three inches almost every day.

The little snowfalls all add up to huge piles of snow that will still be melting well into the spring reminding us of a winter to remember but one we'd rather forget.

Sympathy to all of you who endured the ice storm, especially if you had a power outage. That's the worst in wintertime. We just caught the very northern edge of the storm. No ice, but three inches of snow.

New Buttons.
This has to be one of the most unusual but beautiful Christmas presents ever.

Brother Dave, the trumpet maker, is making precious and semi-precious stone key pads for his clientele. My favorite stone is Tigereye and I now have Tigereye key pads on my trumpet.

I've had them for a few weeks but it's been a challenge to capture their beauty with a camera. I still haven't, but the picture is good enough so you can imagine their shining beauty.

New Yarn.
A birthday gift from friend Sherry.

Two skeins of Blueberry Borscht Peace Fleece, 30% mohair, 70% wool from Russia.

Sherry and I both knit for CIC and Mittens for Akkol and I'm sure she was thinking of them when picking out this pretty warm wool yarn. It's not enough for a sweater, but should be plenty for a vest. Or maybe socks and mittens. I'm looking forward to casting on with it.

The Opal Petticoat is going to be for me. This is the same colorway I used for Gail's Christmas Socks. At the time I felt generous knitting up and giving away an Opal I would have liked for myself, and now I've got more of it. There may even be enough for two pair of socks if I use the little left over balls from Gail's pair.

And More New Yarn.
A birthday box from Idaho. I love it when they pick out yarn for their own socks so I don't have to agonize over if they're going to like their birthday socks.

The pastel Trekking is for Sydney. It will be the first socks I've knit for her since she was a baby.

The green is Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet for Son John's birthday socks. The gorgeous Kaffe Fassett dark jewel tones are for me. At least I think so. They had tags on them that said "Grandma B.". I'm checking with John to make sure that's what he intended.

The bumper sticker extra says Harmony Yarn in the small print.

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