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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chat Back for January 24

Answering questions from comments and email.

Dani asked . . .
Please tell me that you have a snow-blower or plow of some sort.

With the heavy snowfalls we've had this year, a "snowplow fairy" has come to plow us out. It's probably a neighbor.

DH saw him out the window once just long enough to give a wave and motion for him to stick around a minute, but he waved back and drove off. The rest of the time he's sneaked in when we weren't looking.

It's a wonderful good deed he's doing. I'll be watching for his truck when I drive around the area so I can give him proper thanks.

Marcia asked . . .
I'd love to hear candid comments about the yarn you chose. How is it to knit with? Did you do a swatch and block it? etc.

Here are some comments about Bretton from past blog posts:
  • Bretton is a lovely, soft yarn with a slight halo. Very alpacaish in nature although it's only 5% alpaca. Patternworks calls Bretton a DK weight, but it could easily be used for a sport weight pattern.
  • Bretton is discounted if bought by the bag. With the 25% nylon content, leftover skeins are perfect for socks. Bretton makes wonderful warm cuddly socks or mitts.
  • The nylon content isn't noticeable, at least not to me. Having it means the vest is going to be almost indestructible and it will hold its shape, not sag, bag, and stretch like some superwash wools I've used.
  • The alpaca provides a subtle halo and extra softness and warmth.

After all that hype I have to admit this is the first non-sock garment I've knit with Bretton. I have knit about a dozen pair of Bretton socks, carrying along a strand of fingering weight sock yarn to make worsted weight, really warm socks. Some of the socks are mine and they're my favorites to wear this time of year. I wish I had more.

The yarn is soft, but not too soft to give good stitch definition. It knits smooth and I have yet to find a skein with a knot.

You bet I knit a swatch! I'm a great believer in knitting swatches with the entire center cable back to a side seam. I've always found it fun to knit swatches and they tell me so much.

After washing, it's easy to get a perfect fit with a measurement over a quarter of the sweater width. I learn the cables and often find things I'd like a little different. Sometimes I find the yarn I was planning to use is not the best choice.

See and read about the pink vest swatching here.

Paula has a new family member, "Destructo the Amazing Poop-producing Puppy" that her husband found in the road. They've named her Muffin. It's going to be fun watching how big this little girl gets. If you like adorable puppy pictures, click on over and see the fun.

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