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Friday, January 02, 2009

Christmas, the People

We had a very nice family Christmas get together yesterday. I was having such a good time that my camera was forgotten until we started making noises about it being time to go. So here are some last minute smiling faces.

Party was hosted by Mom in Kalamazoo, a nice central place to meet with Daughter Heather coming from the east, DH Bob and me coming from the west.

Seeing Granddaughter Kimmy is always a highlight for me. She is thirteen now and gets prettier every time I see her.

Daughter Heather takes awful pictures. A beautiful face goes into the camera and some weird expression never seen in real life comes out in the picture.

She's probably going to hate this picture, but it's the best of the lot. It does capture her happy personality.

Grandkids rate two pictures, so here is Kimmy again.

She's hoping for a snow storm Sunday so she can postpone going back to school on Monday. None of the adults think this is a good plan. There are three more months of winter in Michigan, plenty of time for numerous additional snow storms. We need a break before the next one.

DH Bob's pictures turned out awful and I love him too much to put them online for the world to see.

This picture is from last year's Christmas party. This year he sat in the same chair and looked pretty much the same except for a little longer beard and hair. He even wore the same red flannel shirt.

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