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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Swatching for After Christmas Project

A little problem showed up in the mail this week - new yarn and the urge to cast on another project.

I already have three projects on the needles: Chenille, February Lady Sweater, and Karen's socks. My rule for knitting peace makes three projects the maximum I can have going at once, but swatches don't count.

Swatches are the perfect way to take care of that urge to get new yarn on the needles. Now I'm really ready to cast on as soon as my Christmas projects are done.

This yarn is going to be a vest for Mom.

Mom's request: A V neck vest to wear for warmth - one that she can throw in the washer and dryer like her hand knit socks.

The answer is Bretton, a Patternworks house yarn. 70% superwash wool, 5% alpaca, 25% nylon. The nylon content isn't noticeable, at least not to me. Having it means the vest is going to be almost indestructible and it will hold its shape, not sag, bag, and stretch like some superwash wools I've used.

The alpaca provides a subtle halo and extra softness and warmth.

This attractive pattern came free with the Bretton yarn.

As you can see from the swatch, I've decided to use it unless Mom gives it the thumbs down.

A word from 14 pound Pappy:

Hey, you think I'm a husky?

This snow is a bit much for a little dog. Let's head home.

(Picture taken Sunday, December 7.)

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