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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wednesday Wings - Hatchling Tour

This week there are hatchlings in all four nests featuring in the egg tour.

Last Friday I peeked in the nest while Mrs. Robin was off and the eggs were hatching. I raced to the house to get my camera, but by the time I returned she was back on the nest. I chose not to bother her.

For five days she has been sticking tight to the nest sheltering her hatchings and keeping them warm and dry. I've been checking several times a day hoping for a photo opportunity but not willing to scare her off her hatchlings.

Finally today she was on break when I walked by.

These three fuzzy little cuties are five days old and being well tended.

Five Tree Swallows hatched last weekend.

New hatchlings aren't much to look at. They're blind with undeveloped wings and naked of feathers.

At three days old there is already a big difference. Although they're still blind with undeveloped wings and naked of feathers.

Amazing that in eleven more days they'll be feathered and hopping up and down peeking out the nest box hole to see the big world waiting for them.

I didn't try to count the little Wrens. There were seven eggs and it looks like there may be seven hatchlings.

They are a day older than the Swallow hatchlings and the young Wrens have started getting their pin feathers.

Mrs. Wren sat in a nearby tree and chattered at me while I had the nest box open.

Yesterday I opened the Bluebird nest box just in time to see one of the eggs roll around, split, and eject a little pink ball.

Almost immediately (I didn't leave the box open more than a minute), the hatchling gave the universal sign of new life - feed me!

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