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Friday, June 13, 2008

Watch Where You Put Your Feet

There's always a need to watch where you put your feet at my house. In the winter, it's ice. Spring, summer, and fall it's critters.

Yesterday when I hauled a cart full of weeds out to the compost pile, there was a huge Blue Racer snake sitting on top of the pile sunning himself. He was coiled, so I can't be accurate about his size but I'm sure he was five feet long minimum.

So beautiful. (Yes, I'm a nature nerd. I think snakes are beautiful.)

I tried to look invisible so he wouldn't leave and went back to the house for my camera. When I returned he was gone.

Here are some June foot placement challenges I was able to catch on camera.

Since our yard is an insect wonderland, the toads are big and fat.

They patrol on the front part of the property where the grass is mowed, the garden soil is cultivated and loose, and the cement is warm.

The dogs walk around the toads with respect. They know toads are a terrible thing to taste.

Frogs live by and in, mostly in, the creek and the pond.

Last weekend we had an ugly thunderstorm with high winds and too much rain. The creek was high, fast, full of sticks, and muddy. Some of the frogs, like this one, went for the high ground until their habitat returned to normal.

The one and only time a Snapping Turtle is cute - when it's still too little to snap around one of my appendages.

This little guy was out walking on the dog path. I threw a quarter down next to him to show how small he is. Still cute for now.

Soon these Robins will be on the ground. I watch for them each time I walk in their area.

Hope that Blue Racer isn't hanging around to make one of them his dinner.

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