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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday Wings - Ready to Fly

By last weekend, the young Robins were out of the nest. Because I was keeping the dogs away from the area, I missed seeing them during the transition.

Old habits die hard. Every time we walk by I peek over at the nest. Guess it's time to take it down. Maybe some other bird will decide that ledge would make a nice nursery.

The Wrens fledged on Sunday. The field was loud with Wren chatter.

The three Bluebird nestlings are two weeks old now, so I won't be opening the nest again.

There were four eggs, but one never hatched. After a week or so, when the nest started to get crowded, the parents threw the unhatched egg out of the box.

The little ones are old enough to be afraid of me, so I didn't keep the box open very long. They ducked their heads, stayed very still, and I didn't disturb them.

It is possible to pick them up without harm. If they were to be banded this is the age it needs to be done. The bander would pick them up out of the nest, attach the band, and replace them. I've seen it done when I monitored the Bluebird trail at work but I'm glad my little ones will be bandless. I've never convinced myself the bands are totally harmless to the delicate creatures.

Young Tree Swallows are able to fly immediately when leaving the nest box because they exercise their wings inside the box.

They're not shy. For the past three days there has been one or two in the nest box hole every time I walk by.

I'm guessing tomorrow they'll get to try their wings in the real world.

I'll miss them.

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