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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pattern, No Pattern, and CIC Socks Mailed

All the fun knitting is done. Now I need to sew the main pieces together, pickup the band stitches, and knit the band.

This may be the first knitted item in many moons where I've followed the pattern instructions to the stitch, including a good blocking before any seaming. With an unfamiliar type of yarn and a lace stitch pattern that bunches up before blocking, I thought it a wise thing to do.

Pattern: Luna Peacock Plumes Bolero free at Elann.

Yarn: Elann Collection Luna, 55% viscose, 45% cotton. DK weight.

Color: Burnished Clay.

Needles: Options #8

Gauge: 4.4 stitches/inch, 4.75 rows/inch in Peacock Plumes stitch pattern.

This yarn is almost harsh feeling. Maybe it would be nicer to call it rustic feeling. But I don't dislike it and stitch definition is great. I'm enjoying the process of picking out traditional Gansey type stitch patterns for the top part of the sweater.

The bottom is seed stitch with two inch slits up the sides framed in more seed stitch.

I haven't decided on the sleeve type yet. Some days I feel like making a gusset with drop sleeves, other days I feel like making set-in sleeves. Don't need to decide until I'm there.

Pattern: Making it up as I knit using various knit purl stitch patterns from several Gansey books.

Yarn: Elann Coto Canapone. Worsted weight. 52% cotton, 48% hemp.

Color: Summer Spice.

Needles: Options #4

Gauge: 5.5 stitches/inch, 8 rows/inch.

I keep a little pair of CIC socks on the needles in the kitchen and knit a few rows when there's a kitchen minute to spare.

At the end of a sock challenge I can never remember how many pairs I have. Yesterday when I went to pack the box up for mailing, I pulled out six pair and happily sent them off.

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