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Friday, June 27, 2008

Starting a Manon Shawl for Carrie

When my youngest little sister saw the Coto Canapone yarn in the June Sample Skeins, she noticed that I finally had something nice to say about a Vegan friendly yarn. She took the opportunity to ask me to knit something for her.

After several emails back and forth, we decided to go with the Manon shawl featured for the Coto Canapone yarn in the June Elann News.

Carrie picked the Murano Blue color and I immediately placed an Elann order. Because what is more fun that looking for new yarn in the mailbox? And, I was/am excited to knit something for my sister that I know she wants to have.

When the yarn and pattern arrived last week, I immediately knit the swatch. Even as I knit, I knew the swatch was a waste of knitting time. It was impossible to measure with the gathering in the center. What does it matter if gauge is right on for a shawl or not? At least I have a piece to throw in the washer and dryer so I can advise her on laundering the shawl.

The garter stitch sections are knit on a #3 needle. For the wavy sections, the needle size goes up to a #10 and the stitch count is doubled.

The caston was 248 stitches. After a few rows of garter stitch with short row shaping so the shawl will curl around the neck and shoulders, the stitch count increased to 476. It takes a while to knit a row.

I love shawls where all the tedious long rows come first while the excitement and motivation of a new project is fresh. So far I'm very pleased with the yarn and the results and especially that sister Carrie wants to own something I knit.

Pattern: Manon Shawl by Ilga Lega Design.

Yarn: Elann Coto Canapone. Worsted weight. 52% cotton, 48% hemp.

Color: Murano Blue.

Needles: Options #3 for the purl sections, Options #10 for the gathered sections.

Size: Approximately 66" wide and 16" long at center back.

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