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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wednesday Wings - Almost Ready to Fly

Each day the young Robins look a little more like birds.

They'll be leaving the nest soon. The parents will get them out of the nest and onto the ground. Then they'll be herded to a sheltered, brushy place to continue growing, learn to find their own food, and learn to fly.

Our main dog walk path goes about ten feet from their nest. We'll take another route for a week or so. I hope to see them once they're out of the nest, but I'd hate to have one of the dogs munch on one.

I stayed on the dog walking path to take the above picture, but it wasn't far enough for Mother Robin. She was having a fit in a nearby tree.

The little Tree Swallows are also looking like birds now. They're almost fully feathered and will be leaving the nest in a few days.

I won't be opening this nest box again until I'm sure they're gone. Then I'll clean it out for whatever comes next.

Same with the little Wrens. Time to keep the box shut until they're gone.

There were seven eggs, but I'm unable to count how many young are alive and growing.

Once Wrens claim a box there is often trouble for any Bluebirds who follow. The Wrens toss out the Bluebird nest grass and will even puncture Bluebird eggs that dare to show up in a box the Wrens consider theirs.

Since Wrens are native songbirds, it's illegal, and rightfully so, to interfere with their version of "nature". I may have to move the nest box into a more open area to release it from Wrendom.

The Bluebirds are only a week old.

The chick in front is a male. His pin feathers are already showing a beautiful blue color.

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