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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Sock Yarn

New Sock YarnThe mail lady brought a box of sock yarn from Simply Socks Yarn Company. It's all earmarked for birthday socks but I reserve the right to change my mind.

Son John and dog trainer Gail both have a birthday on March 18. Gail is the only non-family member who gets my handknitted socks.

Son John asked for maroon socks to go with his weekend Washington Redskin gear. I don't think he expected this to be a difficult request, but I've had a few failed attempts at coming up with the right color red yarn.

On the bottom row of the picture is Meilenneit deep red (left) and Meilenneit burgundy (right). I think the deep red is too red and the burgundy is too dark. Sigh.

Next step, I'm going to send him a sample of each and get his opinion. It's getting to be knit time if the socks are going to be done by March. He doesn't have huge feet, but they're a lot bigger than mine.

When I asked Gail about a color preference, she pointed to her 2005 Christmas socks she was wearing and said she like the colorful ones. We who know sock yarn know that Opal Lollipop 1010 is only moderately colorful, so I selected moderately colorful Petticoat 1291 (upper right in picture) for her.

Gail is a basic dresser so I'm still deciding if I dare knit some lace in her cuffs. Petticoat is very pretty with lace cuffs.

Hundertwasser SeeschlangeDaughter Heather with a May birthday asked for brown socks, but she does like them a little interesting.

On the upper left of the yarn picture is Opal Hundertwasser 1436, a sock yarn with colors inspired by this Hundertwasser painting.

I'm hoping this will please her, but I have plenty of time to come with alternatives while I'm knitting the March birthday socks for John and Gail.

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