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Friday, January 19, 2007

Comment Questions From the Past Two Weeks

Comment questions pose an interesting dilemma to a blogger. If answered in a responding comment, will the reader who asked ever come back to see the answer? If answered in a private email, will the other readers think questions aren't being answered? And what about comment questions where no email is provided?

My usual policy is to answer questions as quickly as possible in a private email to the asking reader. Sometimes I like to share the questions and answers on my blog. Like today . . .

Beth who blogs at Diamonds and Purls asked . . .
Sock questions - do you always knit both socks at the same time? How much do you knit on Sock1 before switching to Sock2? Do you do this to avoid 2nd Sock Syndrome?
Over two years ago when this blog was new and I had two readers, my mother and my sister, I wrote a post that answers these questions in detail. You can read it here.

Marianne who blogs at Busha Full of Grace asked . . .
Where would I find those little wooden feet?
The sock blockers?

I bought them from Heartstrings back when it was an online retail shop. Now they only sell wholesale and no longer carry the sock blockers.

There are some handmade oak sock blockers in Chappy's eBay store. A Google search on "chappy sock blockers" will get you there.

Susan who blogs at Mommy Susie Knits asked . . .
Don't we just adore our dogs?

Sunny on the sofa in the back roomYes!

Debi who blogs at Fluffy Knitter Deb asked . . .
Do you ever do argyles Marguerite?
Never. I don't enjoy color work and rarely do it. Very rarely. Like I can't remember the last time.

Marie asked . . .
Any chance of a picture of your favorite knitting spot?
How about as soon as I get it cleaned up and organized?

Marie asked . . .
Also, I'd like to start a pair of socks for CIC but have never knit for kids before. May I ask the length of the leg, heel flap and foot in the socks you just made?
Love this question because the answer is going to turn into an entire post of its own. Stay tuned.

Marianne who blogs at Busha Full of Grace asked . . .
The toes on your socks are so impressive! Tell me how to get mine to look so perfect???
It's the same toe I knit over and over without variation because I like it too. There are detail toe instructions in any of my sock patterns on the sidebar, but here is the general formula.

Round 1: On heel side of sock k, ssk, knit to last three stitches, k2tog, k.
On instep side of sock k, ssk, knit to last three stitches, k2tog, k.
Round 2: Knit a round without decreasing.

Repeat these two rounds until half the number of stitches you started with remain.
Do Round 1 until 10 or 12 (total) stitches remain.
Close the toe with kitchener.

Janice in Georgia who blogs at Knitting With Dogs asked . . .
Do y'all have many pine trees up there? Ice storms + pine trees = trees falling on powerlines EVERYWHERE.
We have pine trees, oaks, maples, tulip trees, and many others. They all break in a major ice storm and do great damage.

We were fortunate to be spared this past week. Our ice storm was minor and there was no wind.

Jenny Raye who blogs at Loves to Bike and Knit asked . . .
What kind of zoom does that new camera have?

Cardinals in an icy snowball bushIt has a 12X optical zoom and 6 mega pixels.

These cardinals were about 20 feet away outside the window.

I'm looking forward to some milder weather so I can take bird pictures without shooting through the glass.

And the funniest comment this week came from Pat who blogs at Pat's Knitting and Quilting
Looks like you've got that new camera all figured
out -

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