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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Even The Bluebirds Have Icicles

Bluebird house with icicles The ice from the minor ice storm lingers on.

Blue sky and icy tree topsThe good news:
The sun is shining.

The ice is beautiful in the sun.

The air is calm.

Thanks to the snow covering, it's not slippery in most spots.

The ice is not too heavy for the trees to hold without branches breaking.

We still have power.

Dog walk field on an icy morningThe Worrisome News:

It's much colder today and the ice is not going to melt in the sunshine.

If a breeze comes up, there will be trees and tree limbs down all over.

All the power lines out here are above ground and strung through wooded areas. You can see ice covered power lines in this picture taken on our back three acres.

Close up on ice on the evergree branchesHere's a closeup of some evergreen branches. As well as being heavy, the ice makes them brittle.

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