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Friday, January 26, 2007

More Questions While I'm Still on Sleeve Island

JoLynn asked . . .
Happy Birthday and did you wear your new knit socks?
My birthday socks knit with Christmas gift Step yarnI have to admit I haven't worn them yet. They're still sitting by my main knitting seat being admired and I'm saving them for a special occasion.

They have inspired my future knitting plans. I need a nice red sweater to wear with the new socks.

I see a new red gansey in my future - probably just in time for summer.

Shelly who blogs at Knitting and Praying asked . . .
Well, have you ever made a really huge knitting mistake? Tonight I have discovered the biggest knitting mistake that I have ever made. And, I continued to unknowingly knit past it to almost the completion of this big lace project. argh!

Have you made huge knitting mistakes from which you have recovered?
Unhappy faceOuch! I feel the pain in those questions!

Certainly I've made huge knitting mistakes, mistakes that there was no possible way to recover from, mistakes that required radical frogging.

Once discovered, the only thing to do is ask yourself if a) you want to frog and reknit or b) frog and put the yarn back in the stash or c) just secretly toss the whole thing in the trash and pretend it never happened.

I've had occasion to do all three of those options. Option c can be very satisfying if you ended up hating the yarn.

A few weeks ago Liz who blogs at A Stitch in Time asked . . .
Are you still looking for the perfect maroon shade for your son's (Washington Redskin) socks? I live in Redskins Country and have 3 skeins of a maroon that I think is pretty darn close. I'd be more than happy to gift them to you.
Special Blauband Redskin red sock yarn from LizBingo!

Son John had blessed the dark burgundy color I was going to use as acceptable but not perfect. I had given up the hunt for the perfect Redskin red when Liz offered her yarn.

This yarn arrived from Liz last week. I knit up a small swatch, and sent it off to John.

Yesterday John emailed the happy news:
Redskins yarn looks great. It matches my hat almost perfectly.
Thank you Liz. Watch your mailbox for something in return.

Kathy asked . . .
Great sock! About how much yarn did it take to make your sample pair of socks?
And Kelley who blogs at Kelley's Yarns asked. . .
What size needle did you use?
Red worsted weight winged sockThis single sock was knit on #5 needles and took about 1.4 ounces (85 yards) of Patons worsted weight merino.

That information has been added to the original post.

I took a break from knitting sleeves and whipped up one sock so I'd have a picture to post with Winging Worsted Weight Socks.

So, what's worse project timing than to have four unfinished sleeves? How about four unfinished sleeves and a second sock?

Good thing I made that resolution about not having more than three projects on the needles, or I'd be casting on something else this evening. Instead I went to the library, checked out a few more audio books, and I'm ready to finish a sleeve this weekend.

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