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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Birthday Knitting Loot and Weird Question

Yarn from SherryThis is my generous birthday gift from longtime friend and fellow CIC knitter, Sherry. She knows what I like.

On the right are three skeins of Paton's Merino for knitting CIC socks. On the left are two skeins of Opal for Me socks. There's a UNI-Solid dark teal color and Elements, gray with a bright blue stripe.

Into the stash they go to wait their turn. Until their time arrives, I'll enjoy looking at them and knowing they're there.

My knitting goal for the week is to complete four sleeves. The goal may be too optimistic, but I'm plugging away on them.

On the Peerie Brocade, one sleeve is two-thirds done, the second sleeve is one-third done. On Frode, one sleeve is half done, the second sleeve isn't started.

I'm making a mental note to plan my knitting better to avoid double sleeve limbo. It's not only boring knitting, but it's boring blog content as well.

Be warned: When I get a sleeve done, I'm going to post a picture of it. Cheer me on, please. I need encouragement.

StitchionarysDaughter Heather and Granddaughter Kimmy got me the first two Vogue Stitchionarys for my birthday.

While I'm thrilled to have them for my knitting library, I have to admit to being disappointed in Volume One, Knit and Purl. The stitch patterns aren't new and/or inspiring, some of the darker swatches are hard to see, some of the swatches are downright ugly, and the patterns aren't charted.

Volume Two, Cables, is a different story. Some of the cables are different from any cables I've seen before and I'm looking forward to trying them. And all the stitch patterns are charted. I'm going to have fun with this book for many years.

Question of the Day
As you read the "6 Weird Things" meme traveling through knitting blogland, do you find that most of the things listed are not all that weird?

Or maybe I'm just a weird person with weird family and and friends, so I don't recognize weirdness when I read about it.

You'll notice I have not done that meme.

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