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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Christmas Knitting

So, you might ask after reading my last post, what is this Christmas knitting that is sneaking up on me?

There were two blogiversary questions related to Christmas knitting. Answering them will tell it all.

Brenda who blogs at Mamere Knits Too Much asked . . .
I've often wondered about the socks you made for the lady at doggy school--does she like and wear them?

I was disappointed when I didn't see them on her feet in January or February. First and foremost, I was sorry she didn't like her gift. She's a special lady and I wanted to give her something special. Second, from a selfish perspective, I was back to not knowing what to give her other than a gift card or more doggy junk like she gets from everyone else.

Then in March, it happened! There she was in doggy school happily wearing her hand knit socks. And she wore them often until it was mid-summer sandal weather.

I like to imagine that there was a day when they were the only clean socks she had in her drawer and she had to wear them. When she discovered how warm and comfy they are and that they really did wash in the washer and dryer, she started wishing she had many more pair.

She is going to get another pair this Christmas, and it's time to get started on them.

Lisa who blogs at A Little Bit of Knit asked . . .
I want to know what you are knitting for Christmas gifts this year?
My Christmas knitting is going to be minimal.

In 2006 I made each of my loved ones a pair of socks for their birthday, spreading the knitting through the year. The recipients liked getting the birthday socks and three (John, Anne, and Mom) have requested a favorite color in anticipation of their 2007 socks. So, it will be birthday socks again in 2007.

Here is my list of Christmas/Birthday knitting for the next few months:

  • Gail's (doggy school trainer) Christmas socks. Need to be done by middle of December for the doggy school Christmas party. Haven't selected yarn or pattern yet. I plan to knit these on next weeks trip to Idaho, so decisions need to be made.

  • My blanket for the Patternworks Project Linus contest needs to be sent in by the middle of December. I have about eight more inches to knit. In Utopia. Acrylic. It's been a long time since I've knit acrylic and it's going to be a long time before I do it again.

  • Bob's (husband) Christmas socks. These aren't mandatory, especially since they break the birthday rule, but he does love his heavy handknit wool socks and I see that Patternworks has some worsted weight sock yarn to try. If they're not done in time, it will be OK.

  • Anne's (Daughter in law, Sydney's Mom) birthday socks. Her birthday is January 10. I have to treat it like a Christmas present or that date sneaks up so fast in the post Christmas lull that it's easy to miss it. She has requested shades of brown. I think I have the perfect yarn in my stash.

  • My birthday socks. Well, of course I need birthday socks! Especially in the middle of January in Michigan.

  • John's (son, Sydney's dad) birthday socks. His birthday is March 18. The challenge is finding the right yarn. He wants maroon and gold Washington Redskin colors or maroon at the very least.

    A few years ago Socks Digest sold a special Lorna's Laces yarn that was maroon and gold. I bought it and knit it up, so I know it would be perfect for Redskin socks, but I don't think they make it any more. Anyone have two skeins they'd like to sell? I'd be happy to let you make a profit on it.

Then there is the list of unfinished projects waiting patiently but reminding me that there are a few too many of them.
  • The blanket for Project Linus listed above. It's at the mindless knitting stage and I'm working on it a little at a time.

  • Grasshopper. I finished knitting this in August and there is still one seam to sew. Well, it is a very long seam - from bottom ribbing to end of cuff ribbing.

    This is perfect proof that I knit to knit and not to wear the finished product. We won't talk about it anymore.

  • Peerie Brocade. Needs sleeves. I'm looking forward to knitting them. Just wanted to finish up my CIC goal of six sweaters first to make sure they got done.

The verdict? In 2006 I made good progress in controlling the number of knitting projects in progress at one time and reducing my knitting stress. I'm pretty proud of that and it feels good. It would feel better if I finished the seaming on Grasshopper. Fortunately, Peerie Brocade doesn't have seams. And neither do the ganseys I'm looking at for future knitting. It appears that is wise pattern selection for me.

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