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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Off to Idaho

Coure d'Alene area of Idaho from the airTomorrow morning I'm up and out the door way way before sunrise to catch a 7:15 am flight at the Kalamazoo airport and head west to Granddaughter Sydney.

There will be luxury high speed computer access there (I have dialup at home). I have several pre-written posts to publish while I'm gone answering blogiversary questions about where I live and other personal topics.

Now seems a good time to answer a few Idaho related blogiversary questions.

Stacy asked . . .
Do you like Idaho? I live in Washington State and I was wondering how Idaho differs from Michigan.
My observations:
  • Idaho has mountains. SW Michigan has hills cut from the glaciers, but some of it is flat.

  • Idaho is mostly evergreen forests. SW Michigan has hardwood forests of hickory/oak or beech/maple.

  • Temperatures and seasons are the same.

  • We get more snow in SW Michigan because of the Lake Effect . (Snow showers that are created when cold dry air passes over a large warmer lake, such as one of the Great Lakes, and picks up moisture and heat.)

  • Both Idaho and SW Michigan are very nice places to live. (Yes, I do like Idaho.)

  • Both Idaho and SW Michigan produce smart, adorable granddaughters. I have a brown eyed granddaughter in SW Michigan and a blue eyed granddaughter in Idaho.

Theresa who blogs at Adventures With UFOs and Other Knitting News asked . . .
I like seeing your photographs of SW Michigan. My question is, what is the area like, both geographically and demographically in modern times? It looks like you are in the country, but it is hard to imagine it being as much wooded country as it used to be.
SW Michigan is certainly less rural than it used to be.

There is development all around us. Even our little dirt road has some new housing, but the lots are still measured in acres.

During the week I'm gone, I will be posting more information on the area where I live which will help answer your question in more detail. You should be able to get a flavor for the region and my neighborhood.

Back with new pictures and knitting posts the middle of next week.

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