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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Knit Unto Others and Sunday Sky

Knit Unto Others KAL buttonOnce again Margene and Carole are hosting Knit Unto Others, where knitters give thanks for the bounty we have by the giving of our knitting time during the last two weeks of November.

At first I selfishly thought I just didn't have time for this. I just finished six sweaters for the CIC sweater challenge and the next two weeks I planned to do my Christmas knitting.

After some thought, I realized I want to change my plan and support Knit Unto Others by knitting for others during the next two weeks. There will be plenty of time to finish my Christmas ribbing knitting in December.

Want to join us? Go to Knit Unto Others, leave a comment, copy the button, pick up your needles and knit!

The charity is your choice. If you'd like to do a little something and don't know what, join me in knitting mittens for Akkol, an orphanage in Kazakhstan.

Dark cloudy sky on Sunday November 18, 2006Sunday Sky
Yes, I'm a day late, but the Saturday sky looked about the same.

This sky was spitting snow today. Not enough snow to stick, just enough to let us know that winter is moving in.

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