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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thursday Thoughts

Mittens for Akkol, pair 6 and 7I'm still knitting nothing but mittens for the CIC_Knit List December mitten challenge. This is pair six and seven.

Mittens are a wonderful way to use up my Lopi, Lamb's Pride Bulky, and other bulky yarn odds and ends. The top pair is Lamb's Pride bulky, the bottom pair is bulky alpaca, Knitpicks Decadence.

The alpaca was a pleasant relief for my hands, but I think the Lopi/Lamb's Pride is more practical for the kids in Kazakhstan who have very long winters with temps down to forty below zero.

Pair eight, a Lamb's Pride Bulky, is on the needles. My goal is ten pair by Saturday evening. Then I'm done with mittens and back to ribbing.

Weather Report
After a beautiful week of unseasonal warmth, winter is reappearing today. The temp is dropping, dropping, dropping, and the forecast for tonight, tomorrow, and the weekend is freezing ice and snow. I hope it holds off until Pappy and I get home from doggy school.

The cupboard is full. And, most importantly, we have plenty of dog food. It should be a great weekend for knitting as long as the power stays on.

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