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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Chat Back for May 2

Answering questions from comments and email.

Jean asked . . .
The apple blossoms are lovely (are they fragrant?)

Not much of a scent. They're very fragile and only last a few days, but they are pretty.

Someone asked . . .
How do you keep track of which row you are on in the pattern? Do you use a row counter?

I dislike using a row counter. I breaks my knitting rhythm and once I start the next row I can never remember if I clicked the thing or not.

For simple and/or easy and/or obvious patterns, I can look at the stitches and tell which row I'm on. This is a skill that develops over the knitting years.

My favorite way to keep track of rows is to use plastic stitch markers. I slide one into a stitch of Row 1 of the pattern after I finish knitting it. When in doubt about where I am, I can always counts rows up from the marker in Row 1.

For patterns with many rows I also use a post it note, moving it when each row is done. That helps with keeping my place in the printed pattern.

Judy S. asked . . .
How do you like the Cotlin?

Very much.

Sprout is my second Cotlin sweater. A third is in the unfinished bucket waiting for attention, and I'm planning a fourth.

I've worn the Lighthouse Gansey many times and there's no pilling.

A great improvement over knitting with 100% cotton. It's easier on my hands to knit. It's lighter in weight. It washes without shrinking. It wears with hardly any relaxing. It feels good next to the skin.

I knit Cotlin at 6 stitches to the inch, a nice snug fabric. It may not behave as well at a looser gauge.

Dorothy asked . . .
Isn't it nice to know that spring always comes, even if it is not exactly on our timetable?

What a blessing to have an early spring this year.

Kathy commented . . .
I am so jealous of your new eggs. Keep sharing them with us!

If the eggs didn't get too cold during our frosty nights - several dipped below freezing - hatching is due midweek.

Daddy Bluebird is still watching over the nest. If he's optimistic, I'm optimistic.

Jennifer asked . . .
We were wondering how many to cast on for a med woman and a size 11 man?

Number of stitches to cast on is determined by circumference of ankle and/or foot, not length of foot.

For a person with average ankle/foot proportions, my unofficial guideline is:
  • Measure ankle. (Example - 9 inches)
  • Take ankle measurement times gauge. (Example - 9 inches times 8 stitches/inch = 72 stitches)
  • Subtract 10% for negative ease. (Example - 10% of 72 is 7. 72 - 7 = 65 stitches)
  • Adjust number of stitches to the multiple of the stitch pattern. I almost always go down. (Example - Stitch pattern is a multiple of 8, so cast on 64 stitches)

The simple, non mathematical answer to your question assuming a gauge of 8 stitches/inch: For a medium size woman, cast on 64 stitches. For a medium size man, cast on 72 stitches.

Toe shaping usually starts about 1.5 to 2 inches before end of toe.


Judy S. said...

Thx. for the sock sizing tips!

Ann said...

I don't like using row counter too & I use the same stitch marker to mark my rows & it works well.