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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mom's Birthday Socks Finished

The lure of the Simply Socks Yarn Company Solid Sock Line was Mom choosing this color from the spectrum of 67 solid colors available.

This is the first time I've tried this sock yarn. It's perfectly nice, but not my favorite. (Stalwart from Slackford Studio is my favorite.)

The Simply Sock Solid is slightly woolly in feel. It would be great for color work where the different colors need to grab each other.

In my two skeins there were no quality problems. No knots. No thin areas. No unwanted variations in color.

Simply Sock Stitch definition is excellent.

For some reason I had a little problem keeping my stitches even in the stockinette areas. Maybe because I've been knitting with the smoother Stalwart. Maybe because we have a complicated medical event coming up for Bob and I'm a bit stressed. Probably a bit of both.

Mom will have to report back later on how Simply Sock Solid wears and launders. No reason not to think it will do fine.

Pattern: Basic cuff down sock pattern on 64 stitches. Side twisted stitch pattern is Forgotten Love #3, stitch pattern 94 from Twisted-Stitch Knitting by Maria Erlbacher. I knit the traveling stitches as two stitch cables.

Yarn: Simply Socks Yarn Company Solid Sock Line. 80% superwash wool, 20% nylon.

Color: Blush.

Needles: Options #1, 2.5mm

Gauge: 8 stitches/inch, 10 rows/inch


Renee said...

Very pretty stitch pattern down the side.

Janice in GA said...

Your work is always so lovely!

Best wishes and good thoughts to you and Bob. I hope things go smoothly!

Denise Bein Kroll said...

Those are very nice socks. I hope everything goes well for Bob, you'll both be in my prayers.

Dorothy said...

Those are just so pretty - so pink and feminine! Will be sending up prayers for success for Bob's procedure.

marguerite louise said...

The most beautiful pink socks ever knit! Thank you and thank you! And I join the many who are praying for Bob.

Allison said...

Your socks are so pretty. I love the pink. I've enjoyed discovering your blog!

Ann said...

Lovely socks & the stitch pattern is fantastic.

Judy S. said...

Beautiful! I love this pattern. The best to both of you; you'll be in my thoughts.

Jan said...

They look lovely, very crisp stitch definition. Hope all goes well with procedure.

Susan said...

Your adaptation of the twisted stitch/Bavarian knitting worked great for socks! Very pretty!

I hope all goes well for Bob.

Alwen said...

A very nicely engineered sock, and beautiful to boot!

Diane said...

No wonder your Mother likes them. They are so lovely.

You and Bob are in our prayers.

debbie in WA said...

Absolutely lovely!

What is your "basic sock pattern"? I mean the ribbing of the rest of the cuff, besides the special panel. It doesn't look too "basic" and looks like it provides just the right amount of snugness.

Best wishes and many prayers for both you and Bob. Your blog is one of my favorites :)

kathy b said...


I will pray for your DH. It is so stressful. You have the thoughts and prayers of your readers. This gave me some peace this past week for us.

Your mom's socks look amazing. I had a knot in my second sock skein that I am working off now. It really frosted me.

Melissa said...

I love that shade of pink! You always do such great work on your socks.

Becky said...

Lovely birthday socks! Good thoughts go out for medical wellness.

kathy b said...

more prayers for you and BOB. I know it is stressful. I pray for calm for you and healing for Bob.